I don’t talk about it

My father is in the last days of life and I am staying at my parent’s home to share time with them and to help my 85-year-old mother care for my father.
Understandably, my mother is stressed, tired and teary. Today, she was acting out. I am trying to observe, stay neutral about her behavior, and manage my thinking. I asked her how she was feeling and her response was, “I don’t talk about that. What’s the point in talking about every little thing?” I explained that I wanted to be helpful and supportive, yet helping and supporting her was very tough when I didn’t know what she is thinking and feeling. I have run errand after errand, cooked meals, cared for my father, taken my mother to the store, etc., when Hospice is here. It feels that I am without tools when another doesn’t talk and share. I am so interested and in need of your feedback. Thank you!