I don’t think I make enough money

So, I’m happy with my past self for hooking me up for the income I have now. Trouble is, I’ve done that through job hopping and commanding a larger salary when my employer wouldn’t pay me more. I’m okay with that. I always get resentful at whichever employer I’m working for because I don’t feel like I’m getting promoted quickly enough or paid enough. I’m currently thinking about applying for new jobs in order to increase my pay. I’m making $101,500, but feel I should be making at least $180,000 or even more with a bonus. I’m working 50+ hours weekly and completing many tasks that my employer says that they need done. I think I’m providing value and I know they think they are providing value with all the ancillary benefits they provide (9% 401k matching, low cost health insurance, many paid meals, clothing perks, etc.), and I think they are too, but I’d rather have a higher base salary than all the perks. Plus, I have a niece who is 15 years younger than me who makes more than I do, and I’m really trying hard not to feel envious about it. I have already asked for a raise at my current employer and was denied. I feel like making more money is not easy in my current job.

C: Make $101,500 annually
T: I provide value and should be making so much more
F: Resentment
A: Tell myself I should be making more than what I make, don’t look for other jobs, don’t congratulate myself for making what I make now, don’t plan on asking for a raise again, tell myself no matter what I do that they don’t value my contribution, keep my dissatisfaction to myself, look at other jobs online and tell myself I’ll never be paid more because what I’m making now is what the market is telling me I’m worth, don’t understand why my employer doesn’t value all that I have to offer
R: Don’t provide myself with any opportunities to explore additional ways to make money

T: I don’t lose any money by applying for new jobs
F: Motivated
A: Start applying for new jobs and begin to go on interviews, reach out to network about new jobs, start to see who I know at companies I’d like to work for
R: Make more money some other place

I want to know how I can be more accepting and happy of the money that I have now versus the money I want to make. I’m not sure my IM gets me that result.