I don’t understand the 6-point plan discussed in the Entrepreneur course for my business.

I am taking the Entrepreneur course for the month of August, and watching Brooke’s videos. In the video where she talks about creating value, she discusses targeting your audience, understanding the problem, and then creating an awesome solution, that is sellable. She says to focus not just on the features, but the benefits, and to understand what would make the customer’s “dream come true.” Then she says to write everything you know about the solution, and create it into a 6-point outline. I understand this concept in theory, but I am unable to put it into practice with my own business.

I sell one-of-a-kind art pieces for your home, that I import from around the world. I know my audience, and I know their problem…but when I come up with the 6-points, it’s feeling hard to round it out. I like the concept, as I want to create value around my product. Here is what I came up with: 1) Understanding the story of the piece (all handmade by artisan women who live in rural areas around the world) 2) Understand the value of something handmade (high quality, more expensive than target) 3) Understanding how to care for the piece (does require some maintenance and cleaning) 4) Understand my story to find this art (I travel around the world, both alone and with my family looking for these pieces), 5) Understand what this will look like in your home-ie providing styled shots of the item and finally 6) Understanding how to curate an aesthetic/vibe that matches the pieces.
This is super rough, but I’m feeling so darn lost! Can you give me some insight please?