I don’t wanna & I don’t feel like it

This is powerful and I would like some more guidance.
8 months into Scholars, and I am getting into more of a relationship with “I don’t wanna” and ” I don’t feel like it”.

I used to think those thoughts “had to go”.
Or I had to blast through them to “get er done”.

This morning I had an epiphany.
I don’t have to get rid of them.
And I don’t have to barrel over them
They can be in existence with me, “at the table” (so to speak), as I continue to create and live the life of my dreams.

I can love them.
I can give them attention which is different than succumbing to them.
I can recognize they are there.

Similar with my kids… my 3 year olds can make demands, and I can give them attention and say “no”.
It doesn’t have to be a fight.
It can be in Love and love.
All of it.
Dang, that is so relaxing and nourishing.
Relieving really.

But it does take practice.
And consistency.

This feels really powerful.
Like I have a new perception of the world.
That I have more space to see the future and can put my ideas out there into the future and watch them come into reality.
Like in real time.
Seeing them emerge from my brain into reality
Pretty freaking cool.

And all the while, “I don’t wanna” and “I don’t feel like it” can sit and watch them materialize.
There is this other image coming to mind… “I don’t wanna” and “I don’t feel like it” are like two dogs.
Sitting beside me, and we are looking out into the horizon, the mountains and lake and we see my thoughts (and maybe theirs too) take shape, take form.
Their tongues are sort of hanging out in a way that shows the dogs are smiling.

I am still in awe of the power here.
That I am the creator of my reality.

You guys weren’t kidding.