I don’t want to

How do you overcome the thought “I don’t want to” in the moment? I have realized that the thought “I don’t want to right now/ I don’t have to right now” is a permission-giving thought that I am having that is keeping me stuck.

Here is my model:
C: my plan
T: I don’t want to do this right now and I don’t have to
F: relief
A: don’t follow my plan, do other things, buffer, beat myself up for not following my plan
R: I don’t show up as a person who wants the life I want or has the things I desire

I am trying to uncover the feeling that I desperately want relief from because, in the moment, I have become aware of the fact that I am not following my plan. In that moment I also am aware that I will regret it later, but in the moment I also do not care because it feels worth it to get relief from the uncomfortable feeling I get when it’s time to do what I said I was going to do. How can I overcome this habit of always giving myself permission not to go after my goals?