I don’t want to be like mom

My mom always slept when she was sad and that happened very often. Some days she could barely function. It was like she was hungover after the oversleeping. She is obese and couldn’t sleep well at night and to compensate would sleep whole day. She is not an alcoholic but would always feel like a victim, as a stay at home mom. I thought she was depressed. But she also would have a normal life.

Now, I am nothing like her. I’m a physician and work in shifts. So when I’m supposed to have a night shift, the day before I wake up really late. I used to wake up early before but with a 3-year-old who doesn’t sleep through the night, I feel entitled to sleep longer. My idle sleep is 6.5 hours when I feel fresh but on the days when I’m not working I sleep for 8-10 hours. I feel really hungover, typically when I oversleep. I judge myself for sleeping in late. I don’t know how to make it right as I don’t want to be like my mom who slept to feel better.