I don’t want to be this weight

So this is a thought I have: I don’t want to be this weight.  I do a model on this and I’m not really sure if this is a good thought to have that is creating determination or if it’s creating the feeling of frustration. It almost feels the same. It seems like determination but in a judgement way.

My action lines can create both good and not so good actions because I notice I’m flip flopping in my actions. Some days I feel it’s a good thought and creates myself working towards my goal and other days I feel like I’m frustrated which has me giving up.

I guess I’m the only one that knows what this might create for me but I’d love some insight.  I feel like it’s a decision I’m making . I don’t want to be this weight . Period. But at the same time I’m wondering if it’s like that lack/scarcity mentality which I know I have in other areas such as money which I’m working on.