I don’t want to feel scarcity

Hello friends!

So, I just watched Jen’s stop buffering and feel more call. She said that it’s not a problem to feel any emotion.

The feeling that I buffer the most is scarcity. It feels like it’s strangling me, like I can’t breathe, like I’m trapped. So, I try to avoid this feeling. I am currently staying in a soul-sucking job because I’m scared to not have an income, but I also have enough savings that I could technically quit and be okay. But, I’m afraid that when I quit I will feel scarcity.

My concern was that I have heard millions of times that creating from scarcity is a problem. So, if my feeling is scarcity, will that not become a self-fulfilling prophecy? Here’s what I fear.

C: Quit job
T: I need to start making money
F: Scarcity
A: Create from scarcity, don’t go all-in, hold back, don’t see all the opportunities ahead of me, worry a lot, panic
R: I don’t create abundance, and I still need to make money

This is my biggest fear.

So I’ve been trying to basically save enough money that I don’t have to feel scarcity. This has been a failing strategy because (duh), scarcity is a feeling and a circumstance (dollars in my bank account) does not create feelings. So I’m trying to action my way into having enough money that I can avoid the emotion of scarcity.

But here’s the thing. I DO have thoughts that create scarcity.

I’ve been trying to “heal” the scarcity thinking before quitting.

But, am I instead supposed to feel scarcity?

I think my tolerance for the feeling of scarcity is like, 1/10. I really have the thought that “I can’t handle that feeling.”

Honestly, if I could handle the feeling of scarcity I’d quit my job. But I also don’t want to create from scarcity!!

Do you see my conundrum here?