I don’t want to set goals

I had set a goal for this year to make 100k in my coaching business. By the end of the 1st quarter, I reduced it to 10k to be realistic. By the end of the 2nd quarter, I forgot about it. I panicked about it in the 3rd quarter. Now I am just ashamed of not working on it. I want to set a goal but I fear I will do the same to this goal. I had tried having a daily goal but it just seemed unreal so I dropped it. I am not consistent with me working on my goal. I know theoretically that I need to change my mindset to achieve my goal but I don’t know what should I change it to.

C- Goal setting for the year
T- I will not do it
F- Fear
A- Not set the goal, think about how I should set a goal to evolve, continue leading my unconscious life, wish I met my goals
R- I don’t set a goal.

I will not do it just like last year. I can’t stay in the past. This thought is not serving me. Is it possible that I can set a goal? Is it possible that I can set only one tiny goal? I can. But what about Brooke’s method where I break it down into do goals and put it on my calendar. It feels like a hustle and I shut down and stay in inaction.

I can try Corrine’s method of realistically planning daily towards my goal, following the plan and assess daily. Take each day at a time. I can do that. Also, I can use her 3 steps of questioning the 3 why’s, 2 ways I am equipped to do it and 1 thing I will do today to move towards my goal. I can do a daily morning worksheet of:
1- who do I want to be today
2- what is my compelling reason to be my future self
3- clear defined goal

C- do daily – 3,2,1 process, write down 3 things my future self believes, feels and does, assess my compelling reasons daily towards a clear, defined goal.
T- I will make it fun
F- excited
A- do a thought download before bedtime to wake up early, plan my next day, wake up early, exercise while listening to a program I am working on, do the 321, 3 steps to get closer to my goal, review the plan for the day, follow the plan, remember to aim for engaging with my family, and sleeping early
R- I have fun.

I want to work on this model. I believe I will do it today. But what if I forget about it later?