I feel amazing & have 0 paying clients

I’ve been doing so much BADASS! thought work over the past month on money mindset drama & I’m back here asking questions. I mean, seriously, I didn’t know that I’d have to work on my mindset when I enrolled here in SCS 3 weeks ago to work on my money mindset and it has been HUGE. I thought I would learn the process and then make money.

I feel calm now about leaving my current job and going full time into coaching. I feel calm about reaching out to people to tell them that I’m a coach and all about my new business (and why it’s so important now for us to get coaching). I actually feel calm about thinking the clients are on their way. I do believe that. Now that I’m in this calm and more sufficient space, I have a new question about the offers I am making.

I’ve been contacting people that I know in all different parts of my life via e-mail and messaging to tell them my big news that I’m a coach and starting this exciting biz. I share my website with them, my contact info and the biz FB page. I ask them to share it with anyone who is interested and to contact me if they are interested. I make my regular FB posts and send out my weekly e-mails. And, I’m talking about coaching with my friends. I’m also networking with my colleagues in coaching certification (that finishes next month! YAY) about coaching and making offers. I look at all of this and think that I am making offers, but I also have a T in there that I am still not being as direct as I could be. I get supportive messages from people saying that they will look at my site and spread the word. A couple practice clients from certification referred me to their friends (they’ve told me and e-mailed to ask if I’m still taking clients). There’s traffic on my website and those numbers are high, but without conversion.