I feel as if I am wasting my time with my boyfriend and he isn’t making me a priority.

My boyfriend and I have been dating since 2014. We now have a two year old daughter. I would like to get married but he was married and is divorced and has expressed that he does not want to get married. But if he does, he does not want to sign any paperwork because he is concerned about his assets– but I currently have more assets than him, so I have more to lose. My question is, how do I know if I am wasting my time with my boyfriend. For example, I recently had the grand opening of my business and he did not attend because his son was in town- he lives between Florida and the Bahamas- his son was in the Bahamas- my business was opening in Florida. He didn’t show up because he said he didn’t want to leave his son even though he knew about my grand opening in advance. After the grand opening, his son left and he came to Miami for his birthday which was a couple days later. I couldn’t help but think he came for his birthday so that I could celebrate him and not for my grand opening because it was celebrating me. Secondly, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. He was supposed to come to Miami but it is now Thursday and it doesn’t look like he will be here for Mother’s Day. In my mind, this is another missed opportunity to celebrate me. My thought is, do I just get over it and celebrate myself or do I need to find someone else who will celebrate me and I celebrate him?