I feel I can’t take full advantage of Scholars with a life in upheaval

I’ve been in Scholars for nearly four months now. My plan was to meet the financial requirement of being in Scholars by earning more money from my art. This would take consistent effort, focus, and stability. But I am in no position to make that kind of effort right now. My daughter is moving to Florida in a month. I plan to move there also as soon as possible. (Neither of us are ok with the mounting pressure to vaccinate and loss of medical freedom here on the west coast.) Moving will require going through all possessions, selling my house, and figuring out the best place to live in Florida etc. I feel the next few months will be dominated by this effort to create a new life there. I love Scholars, but feel I cannot fully take advantage of it with all this going on. If I do leave it will be with hopes of returning in a year. I welcome any thoughts you have to shed light on this situation!