I feel indignant that my coach did not show up for my session

C: Coach did not show up for my 20 min weekly session, I waited the whole 20 mins in front of the computer
T: I carefully chose this time, in my busy schedule, to work on myself, and from the available times on the website, and I took away time from my daughters bedtime kisses and hugs to have a powerful coaching session for my weight loss.
I hope she is ok and I know it is not bad intention, I have no problem with her, I just feel it is not fair that there is a cancellation fee for a client not showing up, and there is no cancellation fee for the coach not showing up.
If I would calculate my fee it would be 250$, but given that I could have snuggled with my daughter instead, if I knew there is no session and I do not have to wait in front of the computer, I cannot even put a price on it. The kisses and hugs and connection that me and my daughter missed.
And, after all, I see there are no more spots on the scheduler for this week.
F: Indignation
A: Getting out of Scholars
R: Not getting the results I want and not using the program to change my life. Not getting the results I imagined.

Intentional model:

C: Same
T: Even though I think it is not fair and I lost 30 minutes of my evening, these things happen. I can write in “Ask a coach” instead
and I can look in the scheduler if another time becomes available this week, even though there is none at the moment.
F: Hopeful
A: Write in “Ask a coach”
R: Probably someone will respond here and I will get at least some awareness or direction.