I feel stuck

I have lost 39 lbs since starting to follow the three meals a day, no snacks, that Katrina Ubel and Brooke recommend.

It has been amazing and for the first time in my life, I feel like I can actually get to a goal and stay there.

My problem is I have been at a plateau and I think it may be a hang-up about a number. 200 lbs is the number. I finally got there by losing 40 lbs. When I got close to this number, I have gone up and down 2-4 lbs.

My first goal was to get to 193 lbs. Since listening to Brooke and Katrina, I have realized that I can go a lot lower to reach a better BMI. To be not on the “obese” BMI scale, I have to weigh 159 lbs at the highest (I am 5′ 7″).

What I have noticed in my thoughts are: that I think my wrinkles are showing so much more on my face as I lose weight (causing me to think that I shouldn’t lose more because I don’t want to look old at 53), will my legs tone up and not be loose skin/cellulite?, and it’s frustrating when people don’t notice my weight loss.

Also, doubts that I can get lower than the 193. I have also noticed that I have been buffering like crazy this last week. I am back to the heavy social scroll and eating to stuff feelings down. I know I need to delve into the feelings but need help asap as today is my last day in Scholars. Thank you!