I feel Unlovable.

Hi Brooke, I consider myself quite, reserve, an introvert person so I’m trying to be more friendly and less demanding, I hire a person to help me with my branding and I thought will be friends at the end of the work, I see many people doing this, they became friends after the work is done and go on doing other projects together sometimes even as partners. She just practically stopped the project and say she did more than enough and that I can do whatever I please with the files she sent.
Before that I hire a writer, she did the work, send the paper and that was it. I start to think it’s me the problem. I leave here in the USA for 17 years and I don’t have one person that can say it’s my friend, which it really doesn’t bother me, I like my privacy anyways but I run a business online and I’m at the point that I need to hire employees and I’m afraid that everyone is going to end hating me, not really but definitely running in the opposite way from me.
How can I be more friendly and likable so others will want to work with me or on the list to have a friendly relationship at the end?
Thank you for all your help.