i get jealous of my friends

hi there,
so i was away with a good friend of mine. We went to the mountains, cooked, went for a walk and watched movies.
had a nice time.
but she started to study and has a whole new circle friends, she talked a lot about them and on time she even took a call from one of them and they talked for 30minutes and i just prented to have fallen asleep cause my thoughts were:
how could you take the call?
we are spending now time together!
she likes them more than me
i’m not as important as they are
You are boring

and then i kept digging and noticing that i have that with all my friends.
my brain loves the attention and the love.
also i make always huuuge personlized gifts because i love their reaction to it.

i try to then think:
she loves you and she just wants to share the stories etc she made with the others. and it helped until she got on the phone with her new best friend.
i already ruined one really good friendship because of my jealousy and i don’t want it to be the reason my other friendships get ruined.

Help please! 🙂