I got a man

I recently started dating this guy seriously but I have not told another guy that I’m in a serious relationship. I enjoy being in my relationship but I’m fearing losing him so I dont want to completely rule the other guy out. Thats not how I want to feel. I want to be all in with someone who cares about me. I wrote out 2 models to get it together

C .. I have not told 2 guys that I am in a serious relationship
T. What if we dont work out? Then I will have no one.
F.. scarcity
A.. secretly talking to them on the phone to string them along. (Just for reference the two guys did not want to be serious with me).
R. My new man is upset and not answering the phone

C.. I have not told people I’m in a relationship.
T.. what of we do work out?
A.. be with the man who loves me
R.. my man does not ask why I didn’t answer phone (for another guy). We build trust.