I got momentum!

Well hello! I asked a little while back what goal weight I should shoot for as a small framed 5’6″/5’7″ woman and you suggested 130. VOILA. Today I am 130.6. What do you know? 🙂 I have weighed this before but it was always through white knuckling and dieting that mentally exhausted me — I couldn’t wait to be done with the diet so I could eat what I wanted. SHOCKER! I always gained the weight back! Today, I feel super peaceful and I also do not feel an urge to going back and eating whatever I want. Instead I am going to keep going and see where my weight settle comfortable, I think I’m not done! At 47, I have the hope for the first time since I was a young child that perhaps I can live a life free of compulsive overeating. I always believed that this was simply my cross to bear and there was no solution. Trust me, I’m not smug or done. I feel really vulnerable but hopeful which is okay! Thanks for all you do, the mental work has played a big part in this success. xoxo, Lindsay