I hate my skills and abilities

I am really unhappy with the new job that I’ve taken on and when I even look at other jobs, I immediately think that I can’t do it, I’m not smart enough, I’ll just fail if I try. This is such a persistent pattern for me, I don’t know where to even start, aside from appreciating what I am capable of.

I was hired to change our QA processes and I don’t have a clue what I am doing at all. I hate it so much. I hate not feeling confident and like I know what I am doing. These people are looking to me to fix their problems and I just don’t know. I have no experience with this kind of work and I am really regretting taking on this job. I feel exhausted at the end of the day and I have no energy for anything else. I know my brain is really negative about this. I’ve also not been eating or sleeping very well and my medication is out of whack. I feel really helpless and hopeless that I’ll be able to come up with a solution. I took this job because I wanted to make more money but I really wasn’t thinking about the work I’d be doing at all. That’s why I am regretting my reason for taking a job just to make more money.