I have a family of seven.

C: I have a family of seven.
T: I can’t fill all their needs and my own.
F: Overwhelmed, resentful.
A: Pull away.
R: Relationships become strained.

New Model:
C: I have a family of seven.
T: I have everything I need to give and fuel myself.
F: I enjoy their company.
A: I am fully available and present when I’m with them.
R: Our relationships improve.

Where I’m getting stuck is I don’t believe the thought line in the second model. What would be a stair step thought I could start with? When I read the second model, my brain creates a third in rebuttal.

C: I have a family of seven.
T: I need to be responsible for drawing and holding boundaries, but I don’t know where those are.
F: Stuck, not enough, confused.
A: Give and crash or withdraw cycle.
R: Lack of consistency, or up and down, in family interactions and my emotional life.