I have a fear of failure

It has occurred to me that I have had a fear of failure, the anxiety I feel. The procrastination. All the doubt. Staying small.

I thought my mother failed on some level, my father too, my brother… my other brother (the most successful career wise/ but personality, ehhh) I think his business will fail in the future.

I feel underpaid, my skills underutilized, my apartment too small, etc. I never, ever, realized that was how I viewed my past. I always thought I was going to overcome all obstacles and be a great success. But now I see that this story and this fear has been holding me back. I can’t believe it.

Ok Brooke – here I go. I have no idea what to ask you right now, but I thought you should know.

PS – I will be meeting you later this month, I can’t wait. I feel like I keep getting revelations so I am actually a little scared!