I have a manual for my job

My current job has a lot of duties that I don’t like and a lot of software that I don’t like using. I stay at this job out of a fear of money scarcity. I’ve been passed over for promotions and just don’t see eye-to-eye with my manager, although our conversations have always been respectful and civil. I’ve done lot of models on this job, including setting better boundaries and having my own back more often, but I’m still struggling with liking the situation before leaving it. I’ve applied for many other jobs and I am in the interview process for two. I know that changing jobs won’t make me any happier, but I’ll be earning more money if I make the change. I have an idea of how my role and manager should be different and how upper management should think differently so I can be happier there. I have not been successful at dropping this manual.

Problem is, I’ve been wondering what it would be like if I believed that money isn’t scarce and that I could just leave my job because I wanted to. I have been working on abundance beliefs, but I just don’t seem to believe that all my money issues would be okay if I just decided to leave my job. If I did believe that, I would have left this job a long time ago.