I have caused so much damage, pain and despair

My teenage daughter is suffering mental health struggles that have gone all the way to suicidal ideation.
She is under treatment and it has come out that a significant trauma that is a possible cause of her struggles is that she found some inappropriate, sexually loaded conversations I had over chat with a stranger on my phone. When she confronted me I denied everything and later scolded her for telling my husband. By now, I have admitted what happened and explained that the person does not mean anything to me.  I love her and her dad and I’m not planning at all to leave my family and never did.
I am dealing with a lot of guilt and shame.  I worked on these two models. I would like help finding other thoughts to help me overcome this guilt, forgive myself, be present and a better mom for her.

C: I had inappropriate conversations over chat, M saw them, I denied it and scolded her for telling her dad.

T: My mistakes have caused so much damage, pain and despair
F: Guilt / Shame / at fault
A: I want to hide, I want to just crawl down to a cave, I find more evidence on how I am guilty of everything bad that has happened, I let her treat me bad
R: I am causing myself damage and pain

T: It was never my intention to cause her pain or damage or,  I love her so much I would never damage her on purpose
F: Compassionate / non-judgmental
A: I forgive myself, I keep going trying to be a good mother, I accept my life, stop the cycle of suffering
R: I am present for her and the mom that she needs