I Have Fur Children

I am trying to figure out why I feel resentment, anger, frustration, etc, when my dogs act out. I’m assuming it’s similar to when parents’ kids act out, but I don’t have those human experiences.

I spend a lot of time training my dogs and working with them. I also spend a lot of my free time with them.

My older one is very reactive to people and dogs that she does not know, which means I cannot take her anywhere public or have people over unless she is crated or at someone else’s house. This has been a huge source of stress for me, but I’ve come a long way over the past 4 years, and no longer blame myself or try to force her into situations that she is anxious about.

However, I still get down about her reactivity and I can’t figure out what I’m making it mean about me/her. I’m wondering if there are some questions you could recommend that I ask of myself to help try and get to the bottom of this?