I have had a very lucky life. I’d love to understand why and how I got so lucky.

This question will be different than my usual calls for help on this forum. Long story short, I have always just gotten what I have wanted out of life. A few past examples here: I had a target college I wanted to attend and got accepted. I wanted to work at a very competitive industry after graduation and got the job there. A few years ago, I wanted to move to a foreign country and work in a completely different industry and yup, that worked out as well. Even my friends, my girlfriend, my team are all people that I feel so lucky to be surrounded by.

Now on to my next venture, I am on the pursuit of having a thriving coaching business and my impossible goal for 2021 is $300,000. This year in my first full year of coaching, I made $40,000. In my head, I just know that the $300,000 (and much beyond) is going to happen. Why I am so sure? I can’t describe it so clearly but whenever I think of my big goals, my brain automatically goes to: well you have gotten what you’ve wanted before, so you’re going to get this too. With that said, I don’t think I am good at living in the “future me” as Brooke brings up often. I just know I want my goal, trust that it will happen, and work towards it.

So to get on with it, I just want to understand — how have I been getting so lucky in my life? Is it my belief that I’ll get what I want really leading me to all these great results? I hope this doesn’t come off as arrogant. I am just very grateful for my life and would love to better understand the HOW so I can share the knowledge with others. Thank you for giving me this clarity.