I have herpes

I’ve done my model on seeing myself as damaged. still working on them but seeing some progress. Where I’m getting stuck is on the thought that, it will be a sacrifice for someone to date me, that they are putting themselves at risk and which of course brings on fear that I will not have a loving relationship and marriage. It doesn’t help that my ex who broke up with stating it was the fact I had herpes after talking about marriage and building a life together and enjoying a relationship for 2.5 years is now marrying someone else only 1 year later. Im defasted! which of course proves that I’m not worthy of marrying. I’m so stuck , its a constant thought error! between they were the perfect person for me and its my fault that they are marrying someone else, and that I will never find a love because I’m damaged and it’s a sacrifice.
C: I have herpes
T: it is a sacrifice to date me, so I have to be that much better
F: inferior
A: overdo or over think everything, but try to be authentic
R: alone

C: I have herpes
T: I am worthy of Love just as much as anyone
F: normal, not inferior not superior,
A: Relaxed
R: Attract a loving relationship
Sound good but i don’t feel it? help