I have kids who do stuff

Hi! please help with my model!

Current model:
C: I have kids 5&6 who do stuff.
T: they are not behaving as they should be. They don’t listen to me. I don’t know what to do
F:Upset, out of control
A: Scream
R: Kids are still misbehaving and are afraid of me. I’m even more upset and frustrated.

New Model:
C: I have kids who do stuff
T: Kids are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I can handle this. I know exactly what to do. (bridging thought: I am figuring out what to do. I am learning how to be more respectful towards myself and the kids)
F: Calm
A: React in a calm and respectful way.
R: I am kind and respectful towards myself and them. I demonstrate that to the kids. They learn to be kind and respectful.

this result sounds too idealistic. All I want is peace and respect. I think the only way is to really feel it do it myself and then they will learn it.

Does this makes sense? where can I improve?
thanks !