I have myself

This thought keeps coming up over and over in my head so I thought I’d choose an intentional T to redirect to.

What difference one little letter makes 🙂

C: S said words in an email
T: I hate myself
F: self-loathing
A: beat myself up more! think more about things I hate about myself. buffer. question why I keep thinking this thought. spend lots of money trying to make myself “stop hating myself” (which I know now is impossible and it has to be replaced, not eliminated. with, like, love). get stuck in a loop of trying to fix it, creating negative unwanted results, and hating myself some more. don’t show up for myself or the plans I chose for myself in the past/my calendar. overspend. drink alcohol. eat sugar. skip meals. consider quitting my jobs. worry A LOT that I’m not good enough. hold myself back from a business idea I’ve had for YEARS. prevent myself from making money and serving who I want to serve. don’t think about other people because I’m busy thinking about myself. focus on the past and regret EVERYTHING. sleep to escape myself and my thoughts.
R: I hate this experience I’m creating

C: S said words in an email
T: I have myself
F: safe
A: remind myself that I can choose not to abandon myself, regardless of whatever happens, always. Even if everyone else hates me, I don’t have to hate me. separate what others say and do from my own worth. I remember that what they say and do is because of THEIR thoughts, and has nothing to do with me. get curious about people instead. think of ways I can have my own back. speak up for myself.
R: I have my back