I have so much to do tomorrow.

C: I notice a thought while I am thinking about tomorrow. While talking to my husband.
T: I have so much to do tomorrow.
F: Anxiety
A: already planning in my mind how I will distract myself. What will I fi first that I will enjoy. Judging myself for wasting time like in the past in similar situation with similar thought.
R: I create so much for me to do tomorrow.
C: same
T: I GET TO do all the client work

(This thought seems unbelievable right now, what can you suggest as a ladder thought please? I came up with:

May be it’s not too much.
What makes it too much is my drama around the task.
I am excited to learn what I learn from that work and my clients.
I get to teach such a powerful skill to these amazing people.
Some of these people will buy my 1:1 coaching, how exciting.

These are great thoughts, but None of these thoughts helped with my UM thought. This thought keeps coming up too, just like it’s a news or politery like saying “good morning “ but it never helps except creating anxiety.

How do I approach this situation?