I have to find out the responsible

Hi there. I have spent the last night and morning beating myself up for having had food last night more than what was comforting for my body. It hadn’t happen for a while to go so long with the self deprecation. Since it happened I have mostly buffered with social media and stayed in bed, my plans for my day (Saturday) have all been put off. I avoided feeling what was there and have been waiting the determination for sitting down and putting thoughts on paper instead of just accept the discomfort of doing it.
Now I am doing it, and here is a model that I see came up a lot of times in the past, directly related to self coaching work and to the use of curiosity to pick you up from these moments:
C: ate up to slight discomfort. Feelings of annoyed, pissed, shamed, guilt, accused since the meal.
T: [SCS taught me that I need to find a thought, work out a model and offer myself a new thought to play with next time if I dont want this pattern to happen again]. If I don’t find out the responsible thought, this thing will repeat. Thus, I can’t let go of this if I haven’t found out why
F: urged
A: keep thinking the same thoughts and create the feelings and buffer more
R: more stagnation
So my brain is using a coaching suggestion to backfire on me. Could you please offer me some advice to deal with these moments? Thanks