I have TWO Impossible Goals…one seems way more Impossible than the other….(thank you, Brain!)

Hello Coaches…

I have two impossible goals.
1. Lose 40 lbs and get to the weight I have never been able to maintain in the past.
2. Join Coach Training in March. YIKES.

Both of these feel impossible. Although the first one feels LESS impossible because it does not involve a lot of money. I have recently taken out a second mortgage, paid off debt and finally have a nest egg in my savings account. My plan for the coach training is to pay for half with my savings (taking it down really low) and finance the other half with a credit card. SUPER SCARY.

I find myself becoming more scared about money the older I get. (Just turned 62) My biggest fear is to invest in the coach training and not be successful at the end and lose the money completely and then be deep in debt AGAIN. I know this is my brain hard at work. I have lost many thousands of dollars investing in coach training in the past that was not right for me…basically a scam. I know this isn’t true of The Life Coach School, but I cannot stop feeling terrified of parting with more money and not getting the results I want. UGH!

C: Sign up for The Life Coach School
T: It’s so expensive and I might lose all the money!
F: Terrified
A: Sit and spin with my thoughts. Don’t take action. Do models, get coaching, stay stuck.
R: Stuck in fear. Try not to think about it.

C: Sign up for The Life Coach School
T: This is what I need to break out of my cycle of fear. I can do this.
F: Excitement. Terror. (lols)
A: Start planning for my success and change my thoughts about all of it
R: Bust through this pattern of limiting beliefs and reach a new place of confidence and faith in myself.

Eeeek! Thoughts? Feedback?