I Intellectually Know What to do – but I don’t do it, Even Using the CTFAR Formula

Hi! I’m trying to break my habit of eating sweets. I do the models daily, and yet, I still eat sweets. My weak point comes every afternoon when I find myself wanting “a little something sweet”. It may be as simple as reaching for a couple handfuls of chocolate chips. So…why am I not following through on this? Even using the CTFAR formula and intellectually knowing I shouldn’t eat sugar, I still find myself reaching for a little treat every afternoon!

C: Sweets
T: I can’t eat sugar because it’s bad for me.
F: Restricted
A: Reach for a sweet treat every afternoon.
R: Don’t break my sugar habit, don’t reach my ultimate weight goal, worse skin.

C: Sweets
T: I choose not to eat sugar because it’s bad for me.
F: Strategic
A: Don’t reach for a treat this afternoon.
R: Break my bad sugar habit, reach my ultimate weight goal, better skin.