I Joined SCS to Work on my $ Mindset and to Build my Coaching Business

I’ve been focusing a lot on my money mindset lately and I’ve been practicing thoughts from my future self and seeing myself in that way.

I will make 100k this year.

I am on the way to my dreams.

They are real and waiting for me.

It’s happening.

All of it is good and I feel the shift. I honestly didn’t know that I needed to do this kind of work when I started another program two months ago. I’m here in SCS to work on that while I also work on my business. I have zero clients and have made zero offers. I’m so glad that I’m doing this work and I’m glad to be in SCS. I think and feel like the shift is moving me closer to feeling comfortable making offers. I still have a T/F that are in need of attention about making offers
T- I don’t know who to make offers to
C- confusion
A – I don’t make offers. I question and spin. Paralysis. Reinforce the confusion.
R – I make zero offers and have zero paying clients.

I am here to really work on this and change it. I want to make offers. My brain is also telling me that this is the key to all of the mind drama (which I know isn’t true, but I see what my brain is doing. Perfectionism and all or nothing thinking. I’m setting that aside right now to get coaching on making offers). I’d love coaching around this. Thanks so much!