I just like buying stuff.

Struggling to come up with an alternate model for a thought in my download. I really love to buy courses, coaching, mentorship, joining circles, etc. Unfortunately, I have started overspending on these things.

I was writing about it and came up with the thought, “I just like buying stuff.” I realized that thinking this thought makes me feel resigned and powerless and gives me permission to keep buying things.

I tried to reframe and motivate myself in an intentional model with the thought, “I can buy all the things I want if I make more money.” Unfortunately thinking this thought doesn’t result in motivation, just depression.

I am fixated on the money I’m not making and the money I have to make to do all the things I want to do. It feels like way too much work and not something I can do. So I need an alternative because I don’t believe I have a thought that won’t make me feel deprived but also won’t cause me to spend until I’m broke.