"I just need a break"

The thought that creates the urge to eat something when I’m not physically hungry is “I just need a break”. Assuming I’ve written out my protocol, that’s what the thought will be. If I haven’t written my protocol, the thought is “Well I already didn’t do this right since I didn’t really prepare, so I might as well just try again tomorrow”.

But the “I just need a break” is a big one.

C sitting on couch doing work
T I just need a break
F Urge to eat
A Go get food
R I teach myself that getting food / eating is how we take a break

I have tried to ask my brain how else we could get a break and nothing really seems to fit the bill. I think what I really want is my brain to turn off for a little while, but I don’t know how to do that. I can see that my brain is offering “I don’t know” energy around this. The other options that I’ve tried are things like social media, doing thoughtwork, journaling, I don’t like tv so that’s out, going for a walk (which sometimes works), or taking a shower / bath (which, I do so much of it’s probably buffering at this point). I meditate, but that doesn’t feel like a break, it still feels like work. I really don’t know how to relax my mind and recharge without shoving a piece of food in my mouth – which, I can see is a thought that keeps me shoving pieces of food in my mouth.

But from an objective perspective, I really don’t know how to get a break without food or wasting my brain scrolling through Tik Tok.

How would I go about solving this dilemma?

Thank you.