I just want my life back

I just want my life back. All the things I used to think were annoying and upsetting and bothersome. All the things I took for granted. I want to hug my friends and my family. I want to go to the store and touch all the things. I want to get my hair and my nails done. I want to stop being scared. I want to turn back time and have a different circumstance so I don’t have to deal with any of this. I’m scared for the people who are sick. I’m scared for the healthcare people caring for them. I’m scared for the leaders who are trying to make decisions about something that’s never happened before. I’m scared this will never end and I will always be scared.

I’m doing thought downloads and models about this and I’m just going in circles. I have not gotten to a place of acceptance when I do the worst case scenario it just makes me more afraid. I spend time thinking about the best case scenario but it feels very unrealistic like wishful thinking.

I don’t know what to do … can you please help?