I know I am right

I am stuck because this circumstance and similar versions of it have been happening monthly for 3 years.

C: email from director of operations to program administrator to perform specific task
T: I am the director of education.  Why have a director of education if you don’t communicate with me?
F: pissed off
A: call my sister and a friend to complain
R: tell myself it is time to quit

Additional not helpful thoughts:
We don’t practice sustainable processes and procedures (I created them).
The director of operations doesn’t value my knowledge, skills, and abilities.
She goes around me because she can (it is her company).
She doesn’t know (that is lie because we have talked about it many times before).

Helpful thoughts:
I am a professional
My ideas are valuable
I advocate for the students
I value standards and processes

I am stuck…I am right in this circumstance. I tell myself she wouldn’t change. I am tired of waiting for her to change. I know she doesn’t need to change…I need to change my thoughts but I am caught with the thought – I am the director of education AND I am ready and willing to do my job…she wouldn’t let me help so we don’t keep on the same path for the past 3 years.

Final thought: It is time to work with people/organization that values growing the business.