I like feeling full

Hi Brooke,
I am trying to do models to become unstuck in my weight loss. I posted before about not having much to lose which means I have very little wiggle room in my protocol. So far I have maintained since I joined in March but my work clothes don’t fit and I am uncomfortable in my own skin. I am not sure how to create feelings of motivation when they conflict with feelings of deprivation. Can you help me with this model:

C Lose 6 pounds
T It’s only 6 pounds – you got this!
F Restricted, anxious
A Try but with reservation, distraction, deprivation, servings perfect protocol – Lunch and dinner 4 oz protein with salad, no fruit, only two coffees with cream, no deviating
R Get to goal weight

Thank you for your help with this. I would love to stop devoting so much energy to thoughts of food and weight loss so I can devote it to other areas of my life.