"I look horrible in those photographs"

I’m the wife of a top exec in a company. I just saw the professional photographs from the company’s holiday party, and I feel really embarrassed about how I look. In every photo, I only see what is wrong with my dress, my facial expression, my body posture, my hair, etc. The thing is, I obsessed about what to wear to that event and put in tonnes of time picking a dress, etc. I feel even worse knowing that everyone in the company is seeing these photos. I posted the photos in my fashion group and the feedback was that most of the photos looked good, but it’s hard to know if people were just being nice.

I am noticing how hard it is to sit with the unintentional model and feel shame.

C photos
T I look horrible in these photographs
F ashamed
A obsess about photos, post them in my fashion group and write about how awful they are, think about sending them to my sister (who tends to be critical), plan to spend even more time next year trying to get the right outfit and look, think about how I need to lose 10 lbs
R feel even worse about myself

C photos
T Photos don’t mean anything about me. {ladder thought}
F Neutral.
A Put a reasonable amount of time and energy into picking an outfit and look, don’t share photos with others, don’t ask husband to show me photos next year
R I am not triggered by the photos