I lost 2 subscribers yesterday.

C – 2 subscribers unsubscribed yesterday
T – I’m losing my subscribers
F – powerless
A – I focus on those 2 subscribers, I don’t take into account the other subscribers, I don’t reach out to others who might become subscribers, I spin that T in my head
R – I’m losing my self-confidence

C – same
T – I can create as many subscribers as I want to
F – abundant
A – I reach out to anyone and any company that might be interested in my project, I keep offering my programme to my subscribers from a place of generosity, sharing as much information as I can
R – I create self-confidence and abundance

I like that abundant feeling. I’ve also worked with “It has nothing to do with me, it’s about them, they know what they do and I know what to do” but it doesn’t feel as good, probably because I’m focusing on them rather than me.

My question: what else could I be thinking that I’m unaware of yet?