I Love Monday Hour One So Much!! And I Have a Question.

First, Monday Hour One is the content I’ve been waiting for my whole life! Everything Brooke, Lauren, and Tyson described in the first few modules really got to the heart of exactly the thoughts and habits that have led me to the identity I’ve had my whole life that I’m bad at time management. The first modules really helped me to finally understand the places where my thoughts are still creating that identity, and it has been so, so helpful!

I just finished Module 5 and I do have a question — Brooke and Tyson talk about deciding ahead of time how long something will take, and maybe they’ll go into more detail on this subject in later modules, but my mind is still struggling with this concept.

For example, today I was working on taxes and I blocked off an hour to do so, but it was hard for me to gauge ahead of time if that would be enough time to get it all done. There were many aspects to it — sorting receipts, entering them in a spreadsheet, going through 1099s to see which ones are missing, etc, and my brain struggles to decide OK, a big basket of receipts = 45 minutes of work and sorting through 1099s is 15 minutes, so that’s an hour. I went way past 45 minutes just for the receipt part, even with focused, diligent work, and then felt like I didn’t do something right — either I could have somehow gone even faster, or I did a bad job of being realistic about the time it would take.

Any suggestions to get my mind on board with this concept?