I love October..

Hi, Brooke, VIP ..soon to be Diamond here and loving every month but this one is my favorite. Organizing my physical world was the beginning of me finding you and your work. Lived in filthy conditions as a child my adult world was messy.I was still a massive mess. The paperwork undone cost me so much money in penalties. I didn’t file taxes for years, and the IRS owed me money, and I let thousands go because I couldn’t find my paperwork and the list goes on and on. I was always going in circles in every area of my life. Lacking focus was the kind term my friends, and earlier employers would use to describe me. Ya Think?

Eight years ago my company hired a professional organizer for the inside sales department, and customer service desks and office Those departments productivity and overall enjoyment of their work area went off the charts. I was in outside sales and convinced my company to allow me to have the same service done to my home office and car. Of course, they said yes. AMAZING..After those areas were cleaned, I went to town and did the rest of my home and have kept it organized for eight years now. I love I could put my hand on anything I own, and I want it to get even tighter, much tighter. Enough so that if I should happen to die on November 1, 2017 (that’s not happening) but I’m good.

After cleaning up my space, I was ready to find you, your work and lose 75 lbs, stop drinking, and began living as an emotional adult working on the rest of me..so for those that think cleaning up their space is no big deal..as I do anything I do everything,

This month I’m going deep..
1. Every paper is going to get scanned and shredded.
2. Essential documents and backups are going to a safety deposit box I will rent.
3. All pictures will be shipped off to be scanned, then tossed.
4. All repetitive bills will be on autopay
5. Donate 90% of garden tools to local community garden
6. Donate ten pairs of shoes.
7. Clean out food pantries and give away
8. Send my application to Scholars Magazine on or before October 11
Those are my commitments for this month. Thank you, Brooke, Margaret