I miss my ex.

I’m married and I seem to continue to miss my ex. First of all I want to know if this is a normal thing and why does it happen? I feel like my heart longs to be with him and wish I didnt have to live my life married to my husband now and wishing for something that I don’t even know if it would be better. I miss our friendship we had too.

Anyways, I was laying out a model about it and want to know if it looks right.

C: ex boyfriend
T: i miss him so much!
F: grief and longing
A: I want to sit around and cry and remember our memories we had together
R: i’m not moving forward in my life or taking ownership.

And like I already mentioned I want to know if these feelings are any kind of normal. I had a dream about him last night and I kept trying to hang out with him. And before I learned anything about the model I always felt like he still truly loved me but I had married someone else so it made me feel screwed.

Like when he would see me after I was married, literally a day after he would change his fb relationship status to in a relationship and after 3 times of him seeing me and that happening within a day after, 9 mos later he had his first kid! That was crazy and I felt like he wanted to start a family to have someone to fill in my place. And distract him. Especially because I also have heard hes not interested in getting married and if he wasnt interested in marrying this girl, why is he with her?

I do feel like I miss him but where am I supposed to go from here?