I need a new Keeper Thought

I have an on-going issue with caring about what other people think. I am a people pleaser to the extreme. I’ve been working on this since joining Scholars. Usually my models reflect a very specific C. But I’m wondering if you can give me some ideas of more general replacement thoughts that might work regardless of the *specific* “I care too much about what they think” type of thought I’m dealing with at any particular moment. I call these kinds of thoughts – the general, blanket replacement thoughts that I can continually turn to – Keeper Thoughts. I KEEP them in an on-going list so they’re easy to refer back to. I find that often different Cs can be “fixed” with the same Keeper Thoughts, even though the Cs vary, sometimes significantly. Anyway. Even though my Keeper Thoughts continually change and evolve, I haven’t yet found a replacement thought regarding people pleasing that feels right and sticks for any length of time. I’d love some outside perspective. Thanks!