I need help keeping my house clean.

Ive created a family economy and everyone has responsibilities but My house is still a mess and I’m drowning in it. My kids whine and complain about whats they have to do and helping in general. How do I motivate them? I feel chaotic with my house like this.
Circumstance- my house is a mess. My kids aren’t getting all their jobs done. My kids whine and complain about jobs
thoughts- my kids are messy. Im the only one who cares about a clean house. My kids are lazy,im sick of the disaster around me, my kids are ungrateful, i do so much for them and they dont give back,im tired of doing it all. I want to run away. They dont care. This place is a disaster.
Feelings- I feel angry, agitated, chaotic, mad, sad, depressed, burdened
Actions- yell, cry
Result- messy house and depressed

I want to feel- peaceful orderly calm happy organized
I need to think- This is where Im stumped. Im just not seeing how I can feel this when Theres a mess all around me. Even if I clean it myself they are messing it up behind me. Plus Im in a lot of physical pain so I cant do it all.

Please help me change my thinking!