I need to constrain.

I am so far behind in everything. I have been a member since May. My workbooks are all mostly empty. I have lost 55 pounds and stopped my daily drinking. The reason I joined was to improve my relationship with my husband. I get that its my thoughts that cause my irritation not him. But I continue to snap and be irritated at him every day. The other night I came home found him passed out in his chair from drinking. In all fairness…that used to be me…every day. He plays video games for hours daily. He talks like he is a racist and a misogynist ….he is not. Its like he is trying to get a reaction from me. I do love him, but I am having a hard time liking him. How do you suggest I constain my work to improving my relationship with him? Reading ask Brooke watching all of the videos seems to take up so much time. Plus, I feel guilty about my blank workbooks. Will you give me guidance on how to accomplish the goal I joined scs for. I understand from a brain point of view but cant seem to put it into practical application. Help!