I Need to Get My Brain to Function Properly Again

First off, thank you for your time. I truly appreciate you.


Typically, I am a driver. I love getting things D-O-N-E! Feels so good!!!

Boy, oh boy, do I get things done!

For the past two years, I have not only been working diligently and joyfully as a full-time employed elementary/middle school teacher but also as a new online entrepreneur supporting homeschooling families in the area of writing. As well, a multitude of hours has been invested in being a wife, mom, housekeeper, and chauffeur in my children’s lives and school and sports. Hosting parties is such fun and socializing with friends fills my well. Life is GOOD!

During summer 2018, I “met” Brooke via Amy Porterfield. Life got even better!

I’ve binged on one podcast after another and, six months later, I’ve easily consumed 200 of her episodes – some more than once! LOVE the Thought Downloads and LOVE thinking about my thinking. As one who is energized through learning new things, I have jumped in and started to swim in her ocean of AWESOMENESS! January will be my second month in scholars.

My confidence has increased and my impossible goals continue to grow. My “mental hygiene” practice has served me well until…

Two weeks ago.

I QUIT my teaching job (of 26 years) to pursue my online business which has consistently gained 8 – 10 new members each month with just word-of-mouth advertising. (Didn’t see that coming!) But, I just KNOW that releasing myself from my 40 hour-a-week salary job will allow me to do AMAZING things in 2019.

That is quite a bit of background, I know, but I think it will help you help me.

Wouldn’t you think I would be MORE motivated than ever right now? I mean, really, I HAVE to make this business work now because my salary ends on January 11th. (That’s a thought – not a circumstance, I know.)

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself? Is this terror rearing its ugly head?

Wouldn’t you think my Thought Downloads would be easier? I have LESS for my mind to create negative emotions over since I’ve dropped this other job.

And yet…

I feel spacey, unfocused, reluctant – frozen.

I’m constantly dragging my feet even though I have written down all my “to-dos” and placed them on my calendar.

I’m taking one negative “unintentional” thought and working out my “intentional” model each and every day.

And yet,

I feel spacey, unfocused, reluctant – frozen. Wait. I already said that. ( 0;

There you go. There are all of my feelings. However, instead of finding the THOUGHTS, I keep asking myself question after unanswered question and getting nowhere.

Like this…

“BRAIN! Why are you no longer feeling driven? What the heck is going on!? You don’t have time to waste! You know WHAT to do. Why aren’t you doing it? Where did your motivation go?”

I’ve tried to work the model from the R line up just for a change of pace.

R – Got “something” done today!
A – Did the “thing”
F – Motivation
T – I can do this “something” – and do it well! In fact, I WANT to do it.

It isn’t working.


So, I’m just wondering what enlightened thing Brooke (or YOU) would tell me to help me get more out of my brain and back on track.

Any thoughts? I can’t wait to hear from you. I miss my drive.

Thank you.