I need to lose weight to have a business

I am a health coach and I feel need to lose weight in order to get clients. I tell myself I’m building my business but I’m not showing up (I’m not offering weight loss) because I still have 40 pounds to lose. I want to lose weight and go for my business goal at the same time. I had a job making 6 figures (well now I’m part time so I make 50 k) but I want out because I want to be doing my own thing. I feel like I keep choosing things in life that’s hard to do. Why did I choose to take care of kids with cancer and watch a % of them die? Why did I choose to do online health coaching when I have weight to lose right now? Not to mention the health coaching is the income I’m trying to develop to get me out of my current career. I feel like I’ve put my entrepreneurial eggs in the wrong basket. However, I have seen coaches take their clients on their journey of weight loss and do well. But the thought of trolls calling me out is paralyzing. I need help untangling my thoughts.

I know the decisions are ultimately all mine but I am thinking really hard about taking potential clients on my journey of weight loss and wellness via social media.

C-im a health coach
T- I keep picking hard things to do.
F- resentment
A- not showing up
R- not getting results

T- my weight will keep me stuck at my basic health coaching offer. 99.00 meal prep offer
F- mad
A- only offering one part of picture. Although my coach told me to start with one small offer and make iterations.
R- prolong the time it takes to really open up my offers to weight loss.