I place my value in my body

I am realizing that I place a lot of value on my appearance. Particularly being “fit” (what does that even mean, I know). I don’t like the result that this is creating for me. I am prioritizing “being fit” over overall health and wellness. I don’t let myself take rest days and avoid doing social things that might interfere with my ability to work out.

C-My body
T-Being fit is a reflection of me, how disciplined and good of a person I am
F-Anxiety, burdened
A-Work out every day, don’t listen to body or rest when needed, say no to things that will interfere with working out, feel exhausted and resentful
R- I place my value in my body and I am burnt out

I can see this model but I am struggling with how to break free from it. Or more just where to start. Maybe I’m still not seeing it as a choice but as the truth about the world. I long to believe at my core that I am okay no matter what I look. I think I can believe that for others but I can also see that I judge them for what their body looks like as well if I am honest. I don’t like that I do this but I can’t seem to break free from it. Please help!