I said "holy fuck"

I’m a coach, and during one of my sessions with a client, while I was telling a story, I said the words “holy fuck”. As soon as I said it, I became hyper aware of how inappropriate it was. These are my Ts from my thought download:

That was wildly inappropriate.
That was so unprofessional.
I’m unprofessional.
She’s offended.
She won’t renew with me because I said that.
I’m out of control.

From these Ts, especially the first few, I am feeling a lot of shame. I’m allowing it and opening up to it.

I’m also working on a new T as I allow. All I can think of is “This C is neutral. This is a neutral C until I make it mean something.”

But I can’t think of anything past that. Help? I’m willing to be with the shame. I just also want to move past it.